Professional Kitchen Remodelers

How to design your kitchen?

Consider this before remodeling your kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the house, therefore should be pleasant for the eye but also (if not most importantly) practical. Designing a kitchen could be very stressful experience, so before you even start, assess your needs. When you establish that, it will be much easier. Think about the things you like and dislike in your current kitchen. Make a list of things to wish to include in new space, ponder on your needs and future use of your kitchen.

Wirte down all of your must-haves, your family’s specific needs – it will make everything easier when we move on to the actual designing. Let inspiration take over you! Sometimes one thing as simple as a tile, can make your brain work like crazy. It really helps to collect images and magazine tear sheets and put together a scrapbook or mood board.

Let your imagination flow and design new kitchen

There are multiple styles of kitchens to choose from. Sometimes it’s not possible to set on one style, and it’s totally fine! Just keep in mind that not everything goes well together and not every vision will look good in reality. Right now, modern kitchen are very popular. They look industrious and interesting. The key to modern kitchen is minimalism. The kitchen should be monochromatic with accents of color.

When it comes to floors, marble tiles are a way to go. Sleek granite or marble countertops will look glorious in such environment. This makes wonderful background for other elements of the kitchen. With such base you can play a little bit with the rest. You should definitely look for oddly-looking, but comfortable chairs or bar stools. The devil is in the details – find quirky chandelier to compliment your interiors. If you’re feeling bold – cover your ceiling with wood. It will frame the kitchen and make it stand out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things.