The other day, I was waiting for a text to let me know to leave the house to meet a person for a thing, but the person was late, or being made late, and so for about 20 minutes I was in a sort of limbo, a purgatory state between ready-to-go and out-the-door.

Confronted with a similar scenario, some people would respond to emails, shuffle through Spotify, catch up on “Little Women: L.A.” — you know, the Styrofoam packing peanuts of life.

Me? I got undressed, then dressed again. And again. What about this sweater with that shirt, or those socks with that jacket, or those sneakers with that scarf? By the time I finally got the green light to leave, I was in a totally different outfit than the one I had initially planned, and a better and more imaginative one to boot.

Slowear is one of the more unlikely menswear concepts to emerge from the Italian manufacturing industry. It’s not so much a brand as a philosophy. Like the parallel credo in Italian cooking, slow food, Slowear is based on the notion that quality rather than speed, and expertise rather than market domination, make for much better products.

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